New Member Policy


  • We recommend all potential students observe at least two class sessions (one fundamentals and one advanced) prior to beginning training.
  • New adult members begin practice the first Monday/Wednesday of each month (no fundamentals class in August). All registration requirements (including judo gi) must be completed prior to the first of that month.
  • Beginning judo students are required to attend fundamentals classes
  • The fundamentals class emphasizes proper etiquette, posture, footwork, and technique while developing stamina, flexibility, and timing. A solid foundation is essential for progressive technical development
  • Ranked practitioners of other martial art forms are not exempt from fundamentals training without the express written approval of the head instructor.
  • New students, with no previous judo experience, start at a rank of white belt. Promotions to yellow belt are held quarterly. Once promoted, students may attend advanced judo training.
  • White belts are not allowed to practice in the advanced training sessions.
  • New members with judo rank must present an official copy of rank certification. Tohkon recognizes all countries’ federation ranking systems.
  • Ranked judoka who have been inactive for three or more years must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


  • We recommend all potential students and their parents observe at least two class sessions.
  • New junior members begin the first week of each month (no Junior classes during August). All registration requirements (including judo gi) should be completed prior to the first of that month.
  • Judo is a demanding physical activity that requires both physical and mental adroitness. A child must be at least six years old and must: Know left from right, be attentive and participate independent of parental guidance, and be able to follow four sequential directions.
  • Junior students will have a 30-day trial period. If after that period the Instruction Staff finds a student unsuitable for judo training, they will be asked to discontinue training until a later time.
  • Parents are expected to remain on the premises while the class is in session. Do not leave the premises without notifying the class instructor. Parents are not allowed to coach or otherwise interrupt instruction.
All new members, to be prepared for you first day of training will need to:
- Wash your gi in hot water and fully dry.
- Review the “Rules of Conduct” section in the New Student Handbook
- Bring a gym bag, water bottle, under shorts and sandals.
- Women must wear a white t-shirt under their gi top.


  • Judoka with proof of current USJF, USJI, or USJA membership registration are welcome at anytime
  • Visitor mat fees are $40 for three sessions