Tohkon Judo Academy, a not for profit organization, was founded in 1992. Our mission is to:

In 1995 Tohkon developed a "partnership" with the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) and moved into their faciliy.

The JASC, United Way Agency, was interested in expanding it's role from primarily a Social Service Agency serving the elderly to a Community Service Agency serving the entire family.

This partnership provided Tohkon with the resources and space to significantly expand its Judo program. Tohkon members support the JASC several times a year by assisting them with community support programs and providing Martial Arts Demonstrations.

Since 1995, Tohkon has doubled in size and has drawn several young World Class competitors with World Championship and Olympic experience from various countries around the world.

These International players, along with our experienced staff of US National and World Team Competitors provide Tohkon students with an incredible opportunity to learn and practice a variety of practical and effective "fighting" styles.